be my guest.

become a host or a guest and watch football matches together in one living room with other fans like you

How FunSurfing Works?

How FunSurfing Works?

Hosts & Guests Meet To Watch Football Matches In One Living Room



invite into their living room other fans like them to watch together their favorite team and celebrate a big victory*



don't want to miss a sec of their favorite team's match. They search for other fans like them to hang out and watch the game


Big Love

FanSurfing connects hosts & guests to watch, cheer, support, win* and enjoy discounts and prizes while they watch their favorite team!

Why FanSurfing?

Traveling or not if you are a big fan, like us, you know that losing isn’t fun, but losing your team’s match because you couldn’t find a place to watch it is even worse.

With FanSurfing you won’t miss a sec of the match. You will meet local fans like you, fans that want to invite you to their living room, watch and celebrate your team’s victory *

Game On

you can never tell if a place is giving the match you want to watch

Discounts & Prizes

check in and win awesome discounts and prizes together with your host

Full House

you can't tell if a place is full and you will find a good spot to watch the match

Meet New Fans

local fans like you that support the same teams as you are and willing to host you in their house

* FanSurfing can’t promise your team will always win

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Don't worry we got you covered with all the questions that you might have

1. Is it safe?

FanSurfing is safe exactly as other apps you are using to meet or date new people, to rent a house from someone else or to use someone's else couch. We are verifying hosts and guests in a very safe way to make sure everyone is legit. You can read our terms of use here:

2. Why not watching in a sport bar or in my hotel?

If you are a big fan you probably don't want to miss a sec of your team while they play. Going to a bar you might find out on the spot that they don't broadcast the match or they broadcast it without sound or that the place is packed and you don't have where to sit. Running from place to place might have you missing the game 🙁

3. How do I know that my host is a fan like me?

After finding your host you will both have a chat box to transfer all the info and data you want to know and need.

4. What discounts and prizes can I win?

While watching the match together you will get many benefits from our partners - pizzas, beers, and merchandise are only part of the cool things you can receive.

FanSurfing is Awesome !
It’s Free to Download for Everyone